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What! Another LO Blog?

Well, a lot of thoughts about technologies related to communications, home computer systems, amateur radio, multi-media and other communications technologies just didn’t seem to fit in an RV blog – Zephyrs – nor did they really fit in a current issues blog – Whispers. So here is a new one on a topic that has […]

Nov 4 results: FCC opens path

On November 4 the FCC cleared the way for the use of TV channel guard bands for I’net access. As TV moves from analog to digital, the need for an empty space, a guard band, between channels to prevent them from interfering with each other is reduced. Getting more TV in less spectrum is the […]

eBox: caveats and limitations

As an approach to network administration, eBox is intended for those who don’t want to gain the expertise or spend the time needed to understand all of the nuance and interrelationships between services of a modern office network server. There are two basic approaches to simplifying things like this. One is to handle interdependencies automatically […]

Energy numbers

Both solar and nuclear are hitting the news with advances in efficiency and utility. CEO of Hyperion Power Generation interviewed about the Uranium Hydride reactor provides some numbers that yield scope and scale in thinking about energy sources. specifically designed to fit on the back of a flatbed truck at about 20 tons weight and […]

Ebox and the Samba share linked file problem

File sharing services are perhaps one of the most common uses for a network services box. Samba allows sharing files using the Microsoft Windows methods. It does a good job meshing the Linux ideas and Windows ideas – most of the time. Sharing a linked file has a problem, though. eBox puts its Samba shares […]

eBox as an Ubuntu server front end

Trying to get a handle on all of the interconnected network services can be a challenge. It appears that the Canonical folks have decided that eBox is a good place to start and eBox provides a custom version of the Ubuntu server CD image with their software ready to go. There are other FOSS options […]

FOSS for Video on Linux

LinuxLinks has a nice list of what they call the Best Free Linux Software. It provides an index that links to a more complete description. Most are available in the Medibuntu repositories. Note that this area is fraught with proprietary software, copyright restrictions, and licensing hassles. In Windows, even recording off-air can get you recordings […]

Linux Feed Reader

RSS feeds can be one way to easily keep up on a lot of stuff. The RSS pages that are called feeds have dated changes with headlines than a feed reader can use to help you see what is new and changed. The Linux Feed Reader Liferea does a good job of providing the tools […]

Vista Tweaks – a book that will help you understand your system and how it works

Are you one of those who automatically heads for the bookstore when you get a new system or some heavy duty software? Those days are changing as you can often find good books online. They don’t have the charisma of a bound book but they are convenient and often free. Koroush Ghazi has an online […]

Understanding backup types

A backup is insurance against loss or device failure. With a good backup, you can rebuild your system so it is just like you had it at some point in time. There are number of different types of backup that serve different needs. The device backup is one that doesn’t understand the data on a […]