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Aspect ratio

Aspect ratio is about how wide to how tall the picture is. There is a conflict about this in video presentations because humans tend to see or notice what is side to side much more than up and down (your eyes are side by side) yet the lenses used to focus an image on a […]

Sound, speakers, and ears over the last 50 years.

Up until the 1960’s the big deal with recording and reproducing sound was fidelity. That was the effort to make a speaker reproduce what a microphone heard as accurately as possible. Once fidelity goals started to approach what the human can hear, the fun began. The first enhancement was to notice that humans have two […]

Viewing TIFF at the USPTO, installing the AlternaTIFF plugin

Being able to view TIFF images in your browser is not something many people really need to be able to do. Being able to view the US Patent Office patents because Google Patents or some other resource just doesn’t cut it for some reason is an example of where the need to view TIFF images […]

Searching the USPTO, TIFF images on the web

The US Patent and Trademark Office has facsimiles of the patents they have issued available on the web. The include sufficient meta-data to help inventors find any previously issued patents similar to their idea. (see the USPTO how to). You can pay a lawyer to do patent searching for you or you can do it […]

Firefox and Thunderbird add-ons

One strength of the Mozilla projects Firefox and Thunderbird is their extensibility. The base application has got web browsing or email message management covered but you can add on many extensions as you choose to make your life easier and better implement your style of doing things. The biggest problem is likely to be to […]

OCAP, Tru2way, OpenCable, CableCARD, PPV, VoD, etc

New audio and video devices have become computers. Over the last ten years or so, those computers have moved from adjunct special processing components to an integrated basic part of the devices. They now handle encoding, decoding, switching, compression, scaling, and basic control functions. As with many things computer, how they communicate with other computers […]

XP to Vista, migrating Thunderbird and Firefox

Email, address books, bookmarks, and browser settings are some of the more important personal data that needs to be moved when you upgrade or change computing platforms. The Mozilla products Thunderbird and Firefox make this rather easy. All you really need to do is to copy their applications data folders from one platform to the […]

Reorgization: Introducing Lab Notes

The Whispers blog is expanding in scope and the categories for entries are being reorganized. The purpose of the blog is, as always: We all have an obligation to each other and to ourselves to ‘get it right’ to help each other understand what really is and what things actually mean – not what we […]