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GPS and time

What time is it? and Where am I? – two seemingly simple questions but just look what happens when you start to explore the depths of the questions. Mario Corchero is doing a talk on It’s time for datetime at PyCon coming up in May. “We will also speak about different standards of time, time […]

gpsd and finding the GPS via USB

gpsd has a goal of finding the GPS receiver when it is attached to your system invisibly and providing data via a network port so an application doesn’t have to worry about what kind of receiver, its particular protocol, or how it’s connected. Doing that is a can of worms. The current most common method […]

NTP via GPS on an ESP8266 using MicroPython: design issues

It’s been done before, lots of times. Sort of. But maybe not just this way. The collection of parts and pieces provides for a broad curriculum of learning possibilities. Here are some of the issues that have come up so far. SNTP vs NTP. NTP has a long history and it is intended for always […]

Geolocation in HTML5 – we know where you are!

While waiting for the Windows 10 technical preview to update and settle, I called up the maps app to look around. First thing: it asked whether it was OK to find the current location. That was curious. The machine has no GPS so direct location was out. It has no cell radio to tower triangulation […]

NavSpark – GPS microcontroller development board

SkyTraq is raising funds for an Arduino compatible GPS development board that they can sell for $20 or less. This one is at indiegogo, a crowd funding website. The NavSpark funding is at $7,686 of a $27,000 goal with 24 days left to go as of 1/14/2014. SkyTraq, a “a fabless semiconductor company which develops […]

A GPS chip and a microcontroller – what you can do!

Electronics DIY has two applications that use modern GPS technology. One is a GPS Disciplined Frequency Standard that uses a GPS locked pulse for frequency measurement and the other is a Time Display unit for a GPS module that uses a micro-controller to read the serial NMEA output from a GPS chip. There are some […]

GPX – the G isn’t for Garmin- link references

Topographic seems to be source for this common file format used by many geographic information system devices and applications. The current version has been around since 9 August 2004. The GPX file format is a lightweight XML data format. This means it is a text file with special tags to identify a known set of […]

Garmin and TomTom facing competition?

Engadget things the PND manufacturers has some competition in the new generation of cell phone devices. As everyone knows, Garmin and TomTom have their backs against the ropes in a fight to remain relevant in an age of free GPS turn-by-turn navigation on smartphones I don’t think it is the devices nor even the software […]