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Vox on the lost: by then it is too late.

Chronic unemployment and a life that degrades from something to nothing is a tragedy that is individual and social. It can be top down, as is being shown right now in Venezuela or it can be bottom up as seen in a series of personal essays in Vox Trending Topics. In thinking about these experiences, […]

In the news: FCC vs innovation,

There is sometimes a need to provide a governor on things to keep them from going out of control. Protecting trade secrets has a long history that the patent idea was embedded in law to open this up a bit in a controlled way. Regulation is almost always a limiting control and it is another […]

Paradigm shift: cell phone to PCD (Personal Communications Device)

Gatta’ have those TLA’s (three letter acronyms) so I’m calling the modern smart phone a PCD (personal communications device).  Ye olde flip phone’s external LCD decided that it was going to emulate a modern art postage stamp rather than communicate things such as time or date or ID of incoming calls. That screen was a […]

Disruptive Technologies: Cell phones

At Strategy Page: Information Warfare: One Technology That Changed Everything. It is about the impact of the cell phone, especially in the mid-East and Africa. “Cell phones have revolutionized life and culture in poor countries. … Cell phone networks were cheaper to set up and in poor countries the governments generally let foreign operators come […]

NavSpark – GPS microcontroller development board

SkyTraq is raising funds for an Arduino compatible GPS development board that they can sell for $20 or less. This one is at indiegogo, a crowd funding website. The NavSpark funding is at $7,686 of a $27,000 goal with 24 days left to go as of 1/14/2014. SkyTraq, a “a fabless semiconductor company which develops […]

Picaxe stage 2

Damien George has a Kickstarter project for Micro Python: Python for microcontrollers. The project is an open-source, open-hardware, MIT type license for a 32 bit microcontroller development system. It takes off on Revolution’s Picaxe idea in that it provides a boot loader for the microcontroller and a byte code interpreter for software. The Picaxe uses […]

25 years on: Wolfram tells the Mathematica story

Symbolic math is a bit more than just parsing an algebraic equation. Mathematica has become a standard for scientists trying to figure out better ways of expressing mathematical concepts and understanding what they mean. “Electronic calculators arrived on the scene when I was 12—and I immediately became an enthusiast. And around the same time, I started […]

Canonical, Ubuntu, Innovation, and the Establishment

Mark Shuttleworth has made waves in the Linux community. Ubuntu is not just another Debian knock-off which may be why many in the Debian community got miffed. They didn’t like being upstaged or something. Others expressed outrage because they didn’t feel that Canonical, Shuttleworth’s company supporting Ubuntu, didn’t give to balance what it took. Then, […]

What are teenagers doing? The ‘Draco Kill Shot’

It’s the networking. I knew about sky watching for comets and asteroids by dedicated amateurs. I didn’t know about the background radiation monitoring. Williams Lucas conned his parents into getting appropriate radiation monitoring equipment to follow the Fukushima fallout and participate in the Radiation Network. One day, there was a spike in the radiation readings […]

Patent trolls take a hit: Newegg and the shopping cart patents

“It’s actually surprising how quickly people forget what Lemelson did. [referring to Jerome Lemelson, an infamous patent troll who used so-called “submarine patents” to make billions in licensing fees.] This activity is very similar. Trolls right now “submarine” as well. They use timing, like he used timing.” With regrets to Don Costar, may he rest […]