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Seek and ye shall find – that it’s a harder journey than you ever imagined.

Luboš Motl takes off on Nautilus’ disillusioned ex-physicist. “Bob Henderson wrote an autobiography for Nautil.Us” and that provided the ammunition for a rant on Life’s Journey that any college freshman with ambition should read carefully. This is a sketch of the “path towards the deep laws of the Universe” that I already had in mind […]


There have been a few essays on the meaning of Christmas with ideas to consider. Here’s one: Incomprehensible Word, Uncomprehending World: The Puzzle of Christmas by N.T. Wright. A Jewish word spoken to an uncomprehending world; a child’s word spoken to uncomprehending adults; a word for a food of which others were unaware –  … […]

The techno-gullible

Luboš Motl takes off on one of the computer scares: BadBIOS v2.0: contracting HIV from your digital camera “The people’s large holes in the knowledge and their gullibility is a much greater threat for the health of the mankind and the civilization than over 99% of the “declared threats” we are hearing about these days. […]

EMR fear and fanatacism

The FCC now requires careful consideration of exposure to electromagnetic fields by radio amateurs. The cell phone radiation fears come and go. Harriet Hall has a rundown on the Nonsense about the Health Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation citing Helke Ferrie and “dirty electricity.” “I could go on to deconstruct every paragraph of Ferrie’s article, but […]

The sacred bundle: a coherent identity

“A sacred bundle is the collection of symbols, stories and artifacts that confers identity upon a community and establishes its social norms; every organization has one. The longer the organization has existed, the more layered and complex its sacred bundle is likely to be.” It is the story of a new minister who missed Applesauce […]

How to understand the Bible, Advent, and Christ

“there’s a temptation that goes with Bible reading: it is to turn the Book into an Oracle—to ask it questions it wasn’t intended to answer. The Bible is not the Mayan Calendar; it is not there to tell us when the world will end or, for that matter, to provide a scientific account of how […]

It is Easter. Without the resurrection …

The exceptional thing about Jesus is why a routine crucifixion is remembered 2,000 years later. Mark Roberts lists a number of ‘what ifs’ that underscore just how remarkable it is. The list is for the secular side much like the idea that God must exist because the apparent size of the sun and moon just […]

What about just sitting on the beach?

Mark Roberts describes a conundrum some face when laid off work or retiring in Creation, Contentment, and Work. Human beings are not simply to sit on a beach and enjoy the beauty of creation. Nor are they simply to sit in a cathedral and enjoy the beauty of God. Rather, they are to be actively […]