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The software behind audio and video including codecs, players, and management

Alternative TV

Lisa Gerstner has a good rundown on Budget-Friendly Alternatives to Cable TV as it stands at present. This is an area where pricing schemes are still in their infancy. Broadcast TV depends upon inline advertising, Cable and Satellite depend upon user fees. Both of those supported the infrastructure for delivery as a part of their […]

Cloud video

Amazon has joined Netflix in offering video programming via the I’net. is happy because Ubuntu & Linux Mint Compatible Amazon Prime Unlimited Instant Video Streaming Now Available!. Amazon is not only a bit cheaper, they use standard Flash so any browser with a functioning Flash plugin will do to utilize the service. This is […]


The big story this week seems to be a new cable standard for high definition TV’s. “Valens, LG, Samsung and Sony teamed up to work on an entirely new cabling system named HDBaseT.Valens, LG, Samsung and Sony teamed up to work on an entirely new cabling system named HDBaseT.” (Tech.Blorge). This is an ‘about time’ […]

pi calculator and FOSS hero

You may have heard (PhysOrg A computer scientist in France has broken all previous records for calculating Pi, using only a personal computer. The previous record was approximately 2.6 trillion digits, but the new record, set by Fabrice Bellard, now stands at almost 2.7 trillion decimal places. Which is impressive but there is more in […]

Handbrake nine four

HandBrake has just release version 0.9.4. It is one of the easiest ways to transcode recorded video or DVD’s to modern compressed multimedia files. This version supports 64 bit processors and narrows the focus somewhat towards m4v output with constant quality. If you are copying your DVD collection to electronic storage for convenient use with […]

In a 45′ bus

The tour bus, which took 100 hours of design time and 300 hours of installation time to complete, has seven miles of of cabling from Liberty Cable, five miles of Cat5 wiring and 3,000 feet of CresNET. The pre-wiring was done before the walls on the tour bus went up, requiring large bulks of wiring […]

Telecine soap opera and artifacts

There are some folks who prefer listening to vinyl records run through a tube amplifier rather than a CD with a modern amp. There is a similar situation with video that is starting to show up with high definition fast refresh displays. Help Key: Why 120Hz looks “weird” at Crunch Gear takes a look and, […]

Looks like it’s time to buy the White Album, again

The news headlines say Digitally remastered Beatles coming in September. This effort took four years and paid a lot of attention to preserving the original sound with few exceptions. Those exceptions were such things as obviously unintended artifacts such as electrical clicks, and mic pops and hisses (excess sibilance). Prior to this effort, the Beatles […]

Video transfer – how its done overview

This project started with a friend who wanted to upgrade his PC. He found a deal at $700 with a powerful CPU, lots of memory, good hard drive space, and multi-media capabilities. These multi-media capabilities included a TV card and a remote control. The software was the Windows Media Center in Vista. I got the […]

DTV Transition FAQ

Tech Notes has a good 63 page PDF answering the common questions about the DTV Transition coming up in the US. Tech-Note – 141. Dec 17, 2008. It says it was written for the broadcast engineer and technician who will be dealing with the transition first hand. That means it answers some questions you don’t […]