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Making connections locally and globally

Android updates and maturing technologies

Android is a Java based system running on a Linux Kernel. The inter-tangling between these parts is a conflict of the philosophies behind them and practical realities. That has meant that product evolution has been somewhat hampered and cell phones are static devices rather than living technology expressions.  ArsTechnica has Android 8.0 Oreo, thoroughly reviewed […]

Rallynet CONF soup: Setting up hostapd, dnsmasq, and nginx

The base honeypot LAN server requires only a few software packages and very little configuration. LAN means local area network and honeypot refers to it being set up to route all network inquiries to its own services with no outside connections. This post is about the basic set of services needed for an isolated network that will […]

Rallynet: Proof of Concept guidance

The first question was what to do with this thing (the Raspberry Pi or just pi). The NOOBS (new out of box software) install process worked well and provided a multi-boot pi with Raspbian, LibreELEC, and OSMC. Nice. Worked. Made a nice media center for the RV. Now what? How about a web services host […]

ESP8266 Free Book

Neil Kolban has a book that is well worth the download. It contains his notes about the ESP8266 wifi chip applications development. See Kolban’s book on the ESP8266 — “Here you can find the download of a free book on the ESP8266. This book will be updated regularly to include new content and findings.” The […]

Telephony meets I’net: Google, XMPP, FOSS, anonymity, spam, security, and more

Google has been a telephony solution for the last few years with leverage from 3rd party support such as from Obihai. A change from Google has this service in turmoil. On the surface, it seems simple but the river is deep and turbulent. Google says it doesn’t want to be a telephone company. It isn’t […]

Samsung S390G via Tracfone

As a means to reduce telephony costs, I recently bought a refurbished Samsung s390G from Tracfone. The cost was the same as the 60 minute card that came with it. Since the phone is a ‘triple minutes for life’ and there was a sign-up bonus, the $20 paid for 200 minutes or 150 days of […]


What are teenagers doing? The ‘Draco Kill Shot’

It’s the networking. I knew about sky watching for comets and asteroids by dedicated amateurs. I didn’t know about the background radiation monitoring. Williams Lucas conned his parents into getting appropriate radiation monitoring equipment to follow the Fukushima fallout and participate in the Radiation Network. One day, there was a spike in the radiation readings […]

Large population communications lab: Burning Man

“There is literally nowhere else on earth where you can run an experimental mobile phone network with a potential 30,000 users and get away with it. Nowhere else can you learn so much in as short a timeframe about people’s relationship with their mobile phones or what makes a mobile network tick. “ Tim Panton […]

Technical problem: spam

Fifty Billion is quite a mark and Askimet has just hit that number for spam comments blocked on blogs. TechCrunch has the story. “In April, Akismet blocked 1.8 billion spam messages, or 60 million pieces of spam per day, 2.5 million per hour, or 700 per second.” … “According to stats from the company, 92% […]

Your radio emissions are not private

Mike Elgan explains Why Google should be allowed to ‘harvest’ your Wi-Fi data “Even if the broadcaster is ignorant of the fact that speaking into a radio conveys his voice into the public space, it’s still not illegal for someone else to listen to it or record it. “In each of these cases — the […]