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Making connections locally and globally

It’s frightening – I’net apps as targets

Kelly7552 has some advice to word press dreamhosters at the Dreamhost customer discussion forum that is well worth perusing, I think. He got into analyzing the error and access logs to his 6 wordpress installs and what he reports is frightening. many of the trolls are not specific to wordpress ,like trolls trying to access […]

I’net security

The I’net is like a neighborhood with a bunch of teenagers constantly checking the doors and windows to see if they can get into houses and do something to brag about their successes. Seldom is it worse than just trespassing and graffiti but every now and then the behavior can have more important consequences such […]

Winds of change: billing paradigms in media delivery

The ‘net neutrality’ thing was about billing and bundling. I’net access is something usually bundled. The cable companies bundle it as an add-on to their traditional media delivery. Telephone companies added it to their land line voice services. Cell phone companies bundle it in with their voice, and now, text services. When it comes to […]

Connections: I’net history

In a sequence reminiscent of Burke’s Connections TV series, ARS presents a selection from Johnny Ryan’s A History of the Internet and the Digital Future. The connections involve the post WW II attitude towards innovation and development of new ideas for national security, the concepts of digital communications, and the cold war and MAD concepts. […] versys Linux and modern TCP networks

The popular RV forums – Open Roads Forum are sometimes very very slow in Linux systems. It looks like RFC 1323 is the primary resource and that some routers don’t follow the standard – even after many years. On windows up through XP, the TCP window scaling is not enabled. Later version use auto-tuning […]

Verizon outage in Reno 2 February 2011

What happened? My CDMA Tracfone was showing ‘no service’ – strange. The Huffington Post reported a Verizon cell phone outage and says the Record Courier thinks it was a downed cell tower in Washoe Valley. I don’t think so. The outage was over a broad area in northeast Nevada. What it looks like is that […]

Amateur Radio and I’net backup: Egypt

The I’net blackout in Egypt has people thinking about ways to circumvent such behavior. PC World has some ideas about how to get I’net access when your government shuts it down. The options mention ad hoc WiFi, dial-up, and amateur radio. You could also take inspiration from groups that are working to create an ad-hoc […]


Have you ever noticed weird I’net blockages downloading a CD image or something? You are not alone. Jim Getty tells the story starting with Whose house is of glasse, must not throw stones at another. Any time you have a large data transfer to or from a well provisioned server, you will have trouble. It’s bufferbloat! […]

Mobile broadband with Novatel MiFi

Several of the cell phone carriers are offering the Novatel trademarked MiFi as an access device for their data services. It is a cell phone without the screen or keyboard but with a wifi router built in. The Virgin Mobile Broadband2go plan is a prepaid, $40/mo for unlimited but ‘reasonable’ use depending upon the Sprint […]

Femtocells, VOIP, and cordless phones synthesis?

It has been a big change taking a lot of time. The landline telephone network started development just a bit over 100 years ago. Cable TV is less than half that and its expansion into networking is less than half of that. Cell phones have an age similar to cable networking of only a couple […]