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Usability and application interfaces

It’s about learning and doing and experience. Hans Kwint takes on why Gnome, Ubuntu and the like don’t understand “usability” – rather long but some good stuff to think about. Lately there has been some uproar about the ‘dumbing down of interfaces’..KDE4 didn’t offer the settings 3 did, Gnome dumbs everything down, and maybe Apple […]

upgrades: Ubuntu and Apple

The Apple OS X, 10.7, Lion system upgrade is getting a lot of press. Darrel Etherington says Lion is a significant change for OS X, both from a development back-end perspective, and for end-users, too. In fact, it may represent the most significant update of any point release since the introduction of Mac OS 10.0. […]

Where to put the code? Server side JavaScript

This problem isn’t only with server code. One of the biggest problems with using any of these tools for projects with a long life is that the new versions are constantly improving and not much energy is invested into maintaining compatibility. The developers are on the barricades running a revolution, not spending too much time […]

Taking advantage of W7 workflow

The user interface for personal computers is a hotbed of innovation and invention. That means change and that means some folks get disgruntled and unhappy. Other folks, though, take advantage of new ideas to make their life more convenient and get the job done easier and faster. Computerworld has a rundown on 7 ways to […]

Get up to speed with Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

The formal release is expected the 28th so Tech Drive-In has 12 Things I did After Installing New Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal”. Top of the list is to Install Ubuntu Restricted Extras, which you can do at system install time if you have a good I’net connection. Then you can add the medibuntu repository and […]

Next up: Natty April 28

Ubuntu 11.04 is in final prep for release in a few days. This release will provide a major change in the user interface and that is creating a lot of angst. jorge’s stompbox has The Power User’s Guide to Unity with a few tutorial videos and a FAQ that refers to ask Ubuntu for answers. […]

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PC security paranoia vs reality

Ed Bott wonders just How prevalent is malware on Windows PCs?. To listen to how people talk, you’d think malware on PC’s was endemic and on nearly every machine. The facts are a bit different. If you’ve been following the mainstream press recently, you might have read an alarming statistic: “Nearly half of personal computers […]

User interfaces, the new generation. Gnome3 and Unity

You may have heard some of the ruckus about Canonical dumping the Gnome shell in Ubuntu for their own Unity. One of the better discussions about the features of the latest generation of desktop shells is by Bruce Byfield on Ubuntu Unity vs. GNOME 3: Which is Better? at Datamation. because both are informed by […]

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client devices get smarter, communications improve

At PhysOrg is a story about the tick-tock in wireless communications tactics. They note how such communications have changed from large coverage, high broadcast facilities to cell networks with limited range that hand off traveling clients as they move from cell to cell. That hand-off business not only is an overhead headache but also a […]

Windows market share and flavors

Techie Buzz says Windows 7 Now Most Used OS in United States. They side a StatCounter report that shows Windows 7 has gained a slight lead over Windows XP at a bit over 31% of desktop market share, each. Since Vista has about 20% of the share, the total for the latest Windows paradigm is […]