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{ Category Archives } Ubuntu and its ilk

Trim that SSD!

Chris Hoffman has a good rundown on why Ubuntu Doesn’t TRIM SSDs By Default: Why Not and How To Enable It Yourself. “We’ve covered why TRIM is important before. When you delete a file on an old, magnetic hard drive, the computer simply marks that file as deleted. The file’s data sticks around on the […]

Linux hdmi audio and btfrs compression

I was wondering why I couldn’t find the hdmi audio in the settings until I ran across a note that the default for the radeon driver for audio has been off in recent kernels. For the two machines I have that use, adding ‘’ to the line in /etc/defaults/grub with the other kernel options (grubcmdlinelinux_default) […]

On the Ubuntu FUD front

“It seems like every time Ubuntu makes any sort of change, the Linux community finds itself up in arms as if the world is about to end.” Matt Harley takes a look at the phenomena and proceeds with Dispelling FUD About Ubuntu. He takes a look at some of the major complaint categories and provides […]

Getting behind the Unity Mir thing

It was when the GNOME project decided to innovate in version 3. The effort was a bit high-handed to many and GNOME took many privileges in created a new version of a popular graphics toolkit. The developer of ab independent Linux file and desktop manager provides some background on the situation in A Linux Conspiracy […]

Canonical, Ubuntu, Innovation, and the Establishment

Mark Shuttleworth has made waves in the Linux community. Ubuntu is not just another Debian knock-off which may be why many in the Debian community got miffed. They didn’t like being upstaged or something. Others expressed outrage because they didn’t feel that Canonical, Shuttleworth’s company supporting Ubuntu, didn’t give to balance what it took. Then, […]

SSD cleanup in Ubuntu

If you are using an SSD, using the Trim capability will help keep performance up by coordinating between the system and the drive which blocks of data are no longer considered in use. Web Upd8 has the how and why: Enable TRIM On SSD (Solid-State Drives) In Ubuntu For Better Performance They recommend using a […]

What happened to my display?

One of those irritating things that keeps getting fixed and then re-surfacing in Ubuntu is video blanking. It appears that has this penchant for inactivity time-outs that keeps showing up. For 12.10, there is a bug for this listed on launchpad. The problem is that the power settings and screensaver savings via the menu […]

Stallman jumping sharks: his anti-Ubuntu rant gets a proper response.

“But unfortunately, as far as Richard is concerned, if Ubuntu doesn’t meet his specific requirements around privacy or Free Software, irrespective that it has brought Free Software to millions of users and thousands of organizations, and despite the fact that you might not share his viewpoint, you should shun it.” On Richard Stallman and Ubuntu […]

Cheap, behind the scenes, servers

Luke Maciak describes Set up a home linux server for $30 with PogoPlug. The PogoPlug is one of those devices intended to connect USB drives to the ‘cloud’ as a personal storage device. Luke provides a link to Unlocking your Dockstar, GoFlex, or Pogoplug that describes how to install a new bootloader so you can […]

System security and FOSS

Jesse Litton has a good rundown on Why Linux Will Never Suffer From Viruses Like Windows. One of the reasons that is rarely mentioned is one that Apple and MS are starting to notice in the limiting applications and software to only what you can get from them. Most Linux users get their software from […]