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Keypad number entry

For some reason, the numeric keypad on the keyboard stopped being usable to enter numbers. — turns out that it was in ‘mouse mode’ where its function was to move the mouse pointer around rather than to type in numbers. Hitting the numlock key did turn on and off the numlock indicator in the status […]

Ubuntu apps level 2, the Launchpad PPA

One of the primary benefits of the Debian based Linux distributions is the collection of ready to install applications. Ubuntu has leveraged this benefit with its software center and with the Launchpad Personal Package Archive or PPA. The PPA is a “hosting service for public software development” (Ubuntu News 27 November 2007). Launchpad is fast […]

Natty applets

Tech Drive-in has a rundown on 10 Useful Application Indicators for Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal. These populate the bar along the top of the screen. Indicators with install instructions include: weather Dropbox (file backup tool) system monitor for cpu and memory system load graph for network, memory, and CPU touchpad enable and disable battery status […]

Natty Narwhal

There seem to be a lot of folks out there in bash ‘n trash mode when it comes to Ubuntu’s latest. They can’t seem to get a handle on their emotions. So when I see someone passing judgment rather than opinion, I drop the page and keep looking. One spot to stop and read through […]

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Get up to speed with Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

The formal release is expected the 28th so Tech Drive-In has 12 Things I did After Installing New Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal”. Top of the list is to Install Ubuntu Restricted Extras, which you can do at system install time if you have a good I’net connection. Then you can add the medibuntu repository and […]

Next up: Natty April 28

Ubuntu 11.04 is in final prep for release in a few days. This release will provide a major change in the user interface and that is creating a lot of angst. jorge’s stompbox has The Power User’s Guide to Unity with a few tutorial videos and a FAQ that refers to ask Ubuntu for answers. […]

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User interfaces, the new generation. Gnome3 and Unity

You may have heard some of the ruckus about Canonical dumping the Gnome shell in Ubuntu for their own Unity. One of the better discussions about the features of the latest generation of desktop shells is by Bruce Byfield on Ubuntu Unity vs. GNOME 3: Which is Better? at Datamation. because both are informed by […]

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Cloud video

Amazon has joined Netflix in offering video programming via the I’net. is happy because Ubuntu & Linux Mint Compatible Amazon Prime Unlimited Instant Video Streaming Now Available!. Amazon is not only a bit cheaper, they use standard Flash so any browser with a functioning Flash plugin will do to utilize the service. This is […]

Organizing and finding files and other entities

In most of the systems in popular use, it is files all the way down. Everything on the computer is a file which is located in a folder (which is a file that contains other files) which might be in another folder. One file is at only one place in the hierarchy. That may be […]

Wondering about partitions in Unix derived systems

Garden asked about partitions at That is a vestigial thing. Here’s what I offered to answer the question: Way back in the dimdarks, when a 100 MB drive was a rare and expensive beast, computers would have several small drives and needed to be able to spread the system out between them. That’s why […]