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things that can be applied to other things that build or take apart

GPS and time

What time is it? and Where am I? – two seemingly simple questions but just look what happens when you start to explore the depths of the questions. Mario Corchero is doing a talk on It’s time for datetime at PyCon coming up in May. “We will also speak about different standards of time, time […]

Python logging

In creating a command line utility to remove links from archives I went looking for some of the professional developer features of python. The utility provided an opportunity to see what these did. The two major features put in that utility were argument parsing and logging. It was rather obvious from setting up these features […]

Chrome apps: serial to display platform agnostic

Lucandentella describes a Chrome App that displays serial port information. During the development of my electronic projects, I sometimes need to develop a graphical user interface (GUI) that talks using serial communication with the devices I create. In the past, I usually chose to develop those interfaces in C# and using the .Net Framework; framework […]

E6B flight computer, 75 years of service

Pablo Valerio remembers: E6B Computer: Celebrating 75 Years Of Flight — “The E6B flight computer was introduced to the US Army in 1940. Few devices have been around this long, have had cameo appearances in Star Trek, and remain in use today. We think that’s worth celebrating“. If science fiction is any indication, the E6B […]

In circuit capacitor ESR meter and op amp exercise

QST April 2014 has an article on building an ESR meter. One of the sources with a good explanation of the how and why is by kakopa who has a horrifying story about his denial of entry to the U.S. on a trip to visit an ailing aunt (read and weep for the state of […]

recovering parts from old boards

pcbheaven has a youtube video about using a heat gun to clean parts off old circuit boards. See How to salvage parts from old PCBs, even from motherboards!”>How to salvage parts from old PCBs, even from motherboards! I used a Harbor Freight heat gun for the purpose. At high heat, it’d take up to half […]

What glue to use?

Adhesives are becoming every more important in fastening things together. They are often stronger than mechanical fasteners like screws, nails, bolts, or rivets. The problem is in choosing the right adhesive for the job at hand. Karl Chwe found that construction adhesive has been the best shoe repair he’s found. He discusses the options in […]

Toolchest contents: getting better and less expensive all the time

Bayou Renaissance Man asks Has technology killed gun control? He starts with a note about “‘3D printing’, a technology that allows you to build up almost anything you can think of in your own basement if you can afford anything from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for equipment.” “3D printing isn’t necessary […]

Soldering for beginners

Mighty Ohm (Join the resistance) is Announcing the “Soldering is Easy” Complete Comic Book! “This seven page comic book explains in detail and with pictures how to make a good solder connection. It also teaches you all the other bits and pieces of knowledge that you need to successfully solder together an electronic kit, even […]

Nifty gadgets: “The car’s electron pressure, weatherglass, show”

For a station clock, this one isn’t automatically set by WWVB (see NIST for WWVB Radio Controlled Clocks: Recommended Practices for Manufacturers and Consumers -68p PDF) but is easily set at least to the nearest minute. It also shows clock and remote temperatures and a 12v system voltage. It’s in the under $20 class of […]