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What’s it take to make an LED better?

EDN: Today’s LEDs — What’s responsible for the improvements. It says today’s LEDs are twice as efficient as 5 years ago. “Key developments in LED manufacturing, specifically enhanced equipment, improved processes and superior materials, have allowed the latest generation of LEDs to provide a powerful combination of excellent light output, visual performance and space savings. […]

Mother’s Day

Ann Romney: Three seasons of motherhood “Cherish your mothers. The ones who wiped your tears, who were at every ball game or ballet recital. The ones who believed in you, even when nobody else did, even when maybe you didn’t believe in yourself. Women wear many hats in their lives. Daughter, sister, student, breadwinner. But […]

Cockpit at the front?

The picture Reynolds provided of the new Honda jet got me thinking. Have you noticed how sci-fi continues the trend of having the control center for a vehicle up front and exposed? Naval ships started with the control station exposed on the quarterdeck. In Hornblower’s time, the captain was expendable and expected to be right […]

NAS share setup

To set up a CIFS share On the Netgear ReadyNAS DUO so it requires a login as a user who is a member of a group: On the Share Listing CIFS TAB Default access: DISABLED Write-enabled users [checked] groups:[group name] enable recyle bin automatically set permissions on new files and folders Advanced Options tab folder […]

Move to swapfile rather than swap partition

Modern Linux kernels have removed the performance penalty of a swapfile. This means you can simplify your drive partitioning by using a swapfile rather than a dedicated swap partition. If you run multiple versions or copies of Linux, a partition might still be a good idea as each bootable copy (including a USB live system) […]

Usability mistakes

Smashing has a list of common web page usability problems. Number 6 “No way to search” includes form code for Google or Yahoo site searching. Such as <form action=”” method=”get”> <fieldset> <input type=”hidden” name=”sitesearch” value=”” /> <input type=”text” name=”q” size=”31″ maxlength=”255″ value=”” /> <input type=”submit” value=”Google Search” /> </fieldset> </form>

What! Another LO Blog?

Well, a lot of thoughts about technologies related to communications, home computer systems, amateur radio, multi-media and other communications technologies just didn’t seem to fit in an RV blog – Zephyrs – nor did they really fit in a current issues blog – Whispers. So here is a new one on a topic that has […]

Linux Feed Reader

RSS feeds can be one way to easily keep up on a lot of stuff. The RSS pages that are called feeds have dated changes with headlines than a feed reader can use to help you see what is new and changed. The Linux Feed Reader Liferea does a good job of providing the tools […]

Vista Tweaks – a book that will help you understand your system and how it works

Are you one of those who automatically heads for the bookstore when you get a new system or some heavy duty software? Those days are changing as you can often find good books online. They don’t have the charisma of a bound book but they are convenient and often free. Koroush Ghazi has an online […]

Understanding backup types

A backup is insurance against loss or device failure. With a good backup, you can rebuild your system so it is just like you had it at some point in time. There are number of different types of backup that serve different needs. The device backup is one that doesn’t understand the data on a […]