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Modern software development – not your granddaddy’s computer no more

Paul Galvin talks about Overcoming Functional Programming’s Cognitive Dissonance Issues (for sticklers like me). I don’t know how much you’re like me, but if you are, you can get bogged down in the specific meaning of words, concepts, definitions and how these apply to the real world. I can personally have a difficult time bridging […]

One thing leads to another: Time for the pi, GPS, ntp, ESP8266, microPython, Lua

The pi boots without any calendar time reference. If it comes up on the I’net, it uses ntp to set the clock but offline it has no reference. Things work pretty well by just ignoring the clock and I could just set it manually if need be. The other options would be to use a […]

Brain dead

Kitty Knowles says Daft drillers distraught after DIY iPhone headphone jack prank. We’d love to think that some of these testimonials are jokers trying to get in on the act, because the reality is a sad one. As one YouTuber writes: ‘The amount of people that thought that this is real is worrying for the […]

Check the graph on dematerialization

Marian Tupy says Computers Allow Us To Accomplish More With Less, and It’s Only Getting Better — “Researchers have just developed a way to fit yet more transistors into less space, creating an even more efficient computer chip.” Computers have come a long way since the days of ENIAC. The first computer was a $6-million-dollar […]

Scientific illiteracy

A good case of illiteracy over at CNN Money: Why more people are suddenly dying on U.S. roads by Matt McFarland. But traffic safety experts said there was no single culprit for the surge in motor vehicle deaths. Smartphone use, cheaper gas prices, climate change and a strong economy all play a role. “It’s a very […]

Computers, microcontrollers, cost points, features

I see Seeed Studio has a special on a Raspberry Pi 7″ Touchscreen Display for $60. Add $40 for the SBC and another $10 for a case and memory and on down the line and you’ve got to wonder about cost effectiveness. You can get a ready to run 7″ tablet for under $50 and […]

Gravity waves. 5 Sigma results

The announcement indicates that gravity waves have been detected. The source of the waves is the collision of two black holes each with a mass of tens of times that of the sun. In the collision, an amount of mass was lost equivalent to several times that of the sun. This loss of mass was […]

Standards, squashing the pile, and maturing technology

Paul Venezia poses the question: Countless IT admin tools depend on these technologies. Do you have a plan to keep yours working?. What prompted the question goes back to browser incompatibilities, browser limitations, and efforts to provide services via web browsers. A quick glance around an IT infrastructure of any size will reveal a rich […]

E6B flight computer, 75 years of service

Pablo Valerio remembers: E6B Computer: Celebrating 75 Years Of Flight — “The E6B flight computer was introduced to the US Army in 1940. Few devices have been around this long, have had cameo appearances in Star Trek, and remain in use today. We think that’s worth celebrating“. If science fiction is any indication, the E6B […]

Amazon bottom end tablet Fire 5th Generation

When the sale came up with the $50 tablet (Fire 7) for $35, the cost to benefit equation got a bit skewed. This is a large company branded complete tablet that is getting into the noise on the price point. Consider the $5 Rasberry Pi or the $15 Pine 64 (kickstarter) or the other $9 […]